What We Saw at ICFF


What We Saw at ICFF

May 29, 2019

Every year when spring rolls around, our interior architecture team starts buzzing with excitement to visit the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), a high-end contemporary furniture fair that brings together the best designers from around the world to show what’s new in the world of luxury interior design. We saw a few surprises during this year’s trip, from a downsized conference, to unique uses of classic materials, and a surprise celebrity-turned designer. For those who didn’t make it to this year’s ICFF, here’s what you missed:

A Condensed Conference

Usually a staple of ICFF, independent New York City-based showrooms opted to stay in their home turf this year, skipping the conference fees to present a more robust collection in their own showrooms.

Cross-Pollination Creations

Once a definite distinction between where people work, live, and stay, we’ve been seeing cross-pollination of design between office, residential, and hospitality spaces. This was reflected in Bernhardt’s showcase this year — the designer that typically creates office and hospitality furniture showed numerous products that take inspiration from residential design.

Tactile Tiles

Tajimi’s hand painted and dimensional tiles were a showstopper at ICFF. Standing out amongst the glossy modern designs we saw everywhere, the tactility and intricacy of the tiles grabbed our attention and sparked inspiration.

Curated Casa

Like its west coast siblings, the third Casa Perfect location from David Alhadeff blurs the line between showroom and home. Alhadeff lives in the West Village townhouse, inviting visitors by appointment to explore his home furnished with avant garde lighting and furniture designers.

Calming Colors

Terracotta red paired with green — a stunning and soothing color combo we saw echoed throughout the conference, whether it be fabrics, paints, or materials. Sneak peek: we love this palette so much, we recently integrated it into an exciting upcoming mixed-use project.

Colorful Concrete

The world of concrete is now in technicolor. As we saw at ICFF, the medium now comes in all shapes, sizes, applications, and colors — including a sleek basin from Kast Concrete in our favorite terracotta red.

Football Player / Furniture Designer

Former NFL player turned actor, Terry Crews, has yet another trick up his sleeve — furniture designer. Crews has produced a design line, Becca, in partnership with Bernhardt. What surprised us more than seeing Terry Crews at ICFF was the soft curves and femininity of his design.


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