Marketing Minds Meet at the DC Marketing Summit


Marketing Minds Meet at the DC Marketing Summit

November 22, 2019

With so much noise across an overwhelming number of digital and traditional channels, how are brands standing out and being seen? This was a big question asked at the DC Marketing Summit, as Streetsense Executive Director of Marketing, Tom Frank, spoke with industry pros about how brands can create distinguishing and engaging content.

Escape the Echochamber

Henry Stoever, President and CEO of the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges advised escaping the echo chamber in order to engage in conversations already happening on platforms like LinkedIn in order to stand out and reach a wider audience than a brand’s following.

Power in the Platform

AARP has an abundance of content and a large audience to boot, targeting a population of 110 million 50+ people in the United States. Karina Hurley, AARP Strategic Communications Director, described the challenge at AARP to find the best channels that connect with specific members of their audience. The remedy is to focus on generating new, highly-targeted platforms that deliver the right content, like AARP’s digital newsletter dubbed The Girlfriend, a savvy and free newsletter that targets Gen X women, that has organically accumulated a following of over 400,000.

Playing the Long Game

As Director of Content Marketing for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Julia Rocchi described the struggle to keep audiences engaged over a long period of time, as the nonprofit’s projects take years, even decades, to complete. She’s turned to an emotional and storytelling approach celebrating the little wins along the preservation process in order to show audiences how donations and advocacy impact the community.

Be Bold

Wrapping up the panel, our very own Tom Frank gave his two cents about cutting through the noise of the crowded digital ecosystem. Tom reminded the crowd to never lose sight of the emotion of the content created and the people it’s created for — “be bold, be you, and most importantly, be human.”


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