Meet Clubhouse, the Audio-Only Social Media Platform That’s Booming


Meet Clubhouse, the Audio-Only Social Media Platform That’s Booming

February 3, 2021

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a new, invite-only social media app based on voice and audio. It lets people chat in real-time to share stories, collaborate, listen, and discuss topics across art, culture, music, business, sports, and more.

It offers an easy way to directly connect and engage with professionals and real people both in and outside of your industry, niche, or usual social circles. 

How does Clubhouse Work?

It’s currently still invite-only, and is also only available on iOS. Anyone can join a “room” to be a listener in the audience of a public Clubhouse room, or raise their hand to potentially join the moderators as a speaker. People across industries and at all levels can interact through drop-in audio like never before. The public rooms you’ll see in the “hallway” are largely determined by the Clubhouse users you follow, and you also have the option to create private rooms among your connections.

Who’s using Clubhouse?

Right now, the most buzz-worthy users are celebrities, tech and business executives, and prominent podcasters. Celebrities like Oprah, Drake, Virgil Abloh, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, and Ashton Kutcher are active users, as are leaders from big companies and brands — Nike, Columbia Records, Vogue, Disney, and more. As of December 2020, Clubhouse had 600,000 users.

What kind of discussions are happening on Clubhouse?

Tons! Clubhouse discussions lend themselves to almost every niche and category, but there’s a heavy focus on industry, support, diversity + inclusion, and education. Examples:

  • Industry + Business Discussions
  • Industry Support, Resources, Meet + Greets
    • A Fireside Chat with the YouTube Artist Team
    • Pitch Practice Sessions with EnrichHER 
    • Scaling from Zero to 50 mil | Meet The Glamnetic CEO/Founder
  • Diversity + Social Impact
    • AAPI Community and How We Can Become Better Allies to our Black Brothers and Sisters 
    • Women are the Changemakers of the New Economy
  • Networking
    • Networking for Introverts
    • Boss Ladies Lounge: collabo & networking
    • PowerHouse Networking – Coaches, Consultants & Strategists
  • Q+As
    • Grown Marketing and SEO – Agency and In-House Expert Q&A
    • Ex: The Power Circle: Q&A with Millionaires (Ask Your Questions!) 
  • Lectures
    • Podcasting: How to Conduct a Great Interview w/ Richard Fawal, Julia Fawal, Jason Stanford, Sonal Choskhi, Lara Setrakian
    • Behind The Lens – Photographers, Models, Actors, MUA, Hair

Why is Clubhouse gaining in popularity?

First, its status as invite-only has been stoking a ton of interest since the platform launched last year — access was definitely considered a status symbol then, especially in Silicon Valley. 

Secondly, its audio-only format is appealing for a couple of reasons: it offers a break from our Zoom-fatigued, video-heavy lifestyles, and allows for a type of nuanced conversation that is often lacking in social media discourse. Its popularity is also rooted in podcast culture — albeit a shorter-form, live version that allows for direct engagement. 

What’s the future of Clubhouse?

Brand partnerships and monetization are still down the line for Clubhouse — and in the meantime, other platforms are investing in the audio-only game: Twitter recently acquired a podcast-listening app in order to expand its audio capabilities, and Facebook launched a new product called CatchUp that enables individual or group calls. 

Stay tuned for more on audio-only platforms, and keep an eye out for your Clubhouse invite.

By Ali Harkavy, Marketing Strategist