Pinterest Features That Brands Should Incorporate into Marketing Strategies

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Pinterest Features That Brands Should Incorporate into Marketing Strategies

June 14, 2021

Pinterest is more than just a place to fantasize about an ideal vacation or dream wedding. With over 478 million monthly active users — a 30% increase year over year — Pinterest is a great tool to help brands increase buyer awareness and conversion. Most users are naturally in the discovery phase when using the platform, so they can easily discover new brands and products while actively searching for them. Pinterest now facilitates over 5 billion searches per month, highlighting its influence in product discovery.

Pinterest has rolled out new functionalities for brands and creators over the past few months, making the platform equipped more than ever to aid brands with the buyer journey. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite functionalities.


Idea Pins

Idea Pins, formerly known as Story Pins, are similar in format to stories on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook but remain on user profiles rather than disappearing after 24 hours. Idea Pins focus on sequences of short video clips that users can tap through. Each clip can be up to 60 seconds, and users can add up to twenty frames in a series. They come with “Detail Pages” where creators can add additional information like recipe details or product information. Eventually, users will be able to export Idea Pins with Pinterest branding that will be shareable on other platforms. This export functionality will aid brands in getting their content in front of other social media users who are not active on Pinterest.  

There’s a great awareness play here for brands as Idea Pins aid with visual story-telling in the discovery phase. They embody a “show, don’t tell” mentality by enabling brands and creators to showcase products in action.


Shopify Integration

Pinterest is constantly looking for ways to make Pins more “shoppable” to expand its ecommerce capabilities. They recently expanded their partnership with Shopify to 27 new countries, making it easy for Shopify merchants to connect their products to Pinterest, simplifying the process and facilitating the linkage of millions more shoppable Pins. This is a great feature brands can take advantage of to improve and shorten the journey from awareness to conversion. 


Pinterest Premiere

Pinterest Premiere is a new video marketing tool that allows advertisers to own an exclusive video placement in the home feed targeting a specific audience during a designated time period. It was designed to assist brands with launches, brand events, or ongoing campaigns – ultimately helping to drive broader reach and scale.


Livestreamed Events

While not officially a Pinterest feature yet, live events could be coming soon. Last month, Pinterest hosted a three-day virtual event inside the Pinterest app with top creators including Jonathan Van Ness and Rebecca Minkoff. The livestreams allow up to three “guests” and an unlimited number of viewers.

Pinterest is currently gathering user feedback from the event in terms of how-to and if they should build out this capability.  As a visual platform, these live-streamed events aim to bring Pinterest ideas to life and could be an interesting play for brands should they become available.

As Pinterest usage data continues to rise and the platform builds out more capabilities and shopping features for brands, we’re excited and are keeping a close eye on what comes next.

By Ali Harkavy, Senior Marketing Strategist