The Expiration of Twitter’s Fleets Functionality


The Expiration of Twitter’s Fleets Functionality

July 22, 2021

Twitter recently announced, in a self-aware Tweet, that they were sunsetting Fleets, the stories at the top of the Twitter timeline that expire after 24 hours. In a reply Tweet, Twitter said, “We hoped Fleets would encourage more people to join the conversation, but that wasn’t the case. So we’re removing them and focusing on improving other parts of Twitter.”

Starting on August 3rd, the ability to make Fleets will no longer be available as the platform shifts its focus to Spaces, their live audio chat rooms. Twitter’s decision to axe Fleets nine months after their introduction came as a shock to some, but not to all. Read on to see how our team is reacting to saying goodbye to Fleets.


Fleets likely didn’t differentiate enough from Twitter’s core product — tweets — which are already inherently ephemeral. This also now provides the real estate to focus on what has arguably been Twitter’s most ambitious new product since launch: Spaces.
Lauren Sloat, Senior Director, Marketing


Twitter provides community, stimulates conversation and champions recognition—Fleets lacked the ability to catalyze any of their core tenets and should be rightfully replaced by Spaces. I’m excited to see how Spaces evolves on the foundation laid by Clubhouse for audio-first content.
– Blake Band, Senior Account Manager


I think this is a good move. Fleets didn’t seem to be adding value anywhere close to the way Instagram Stories do. Ready to see where Spaces goes!
– Alexa McKnight, Manager, Social Strategy


Fleets were a copycat play. I kept waiting for Twitter to do something to differentiate Fleets from Snapchat as Instagram did with engagement stickers on stories, and they just never even got there. However, I think this move could mean big things for Spaces. Excited to see where they land!
– Ali Harkavy, Senior Marketing Strategist


By The Streetsense Collective