Three Ways LinkedIn is Ramping Up for Brands and Creators


Three Ways LinkedIn is Ramping Up for Brands and Creators

September 29, 2021

Many of our clients come to us with a similar goal: to increase engagement across their social channels. Coming in with the assist, LinkedIn has recently announced three new initiatives for brands and creators, all of which will help stimulate engagement across its platform. Let’s dive into all three. 


Articles For Pages

LinkedIn recently introduced Articles for Pages, which are similar to LinkedIn’s blogging option for personal profiles. Now, brands can finally tap into this long-form content option on their company pages.  

While brands will need to decide between KPIs — on-platform engagement versus website traffic — Articles for Pages will provide several calls to action (CTAs) to drive the former, including website clicks, page follows, and resource downloads. 

According to LinkedIn, Articles For Pages will incite more community engagement and direct response on the platform, and also present new ways to promote company content, including links, pull quotes, and more.

LinkedIn will accompany Articles for Pages with detailed audience insights. Brands can use this feature to determine what type of article content is most engaging to their followers.


Reviews and Ratings

LinkedIn has also made it easier to invite consumer response with its new reviews and ratings feature for companies with services listed. This feature will allow brands to post review sections on their pages where users can leave feedback on a company’s service(s). This feature is a perfect opportunity to initiate and ask for company page engagements!

Past, current, and future clients will be able to leave reviews for a company’s service on Linkedin. However, as with any reviewing feature, it can be misused. Those trying to harm your business can leave a poor review damaging your brand. Luckily, LinkedIn offers management options to let you decide if you want to display or hide all reviews on your page.

Overall, this review feature will benefit both users and brands. Users will be able to more easily find relevant services with positive reputations, and brands can make themselves more visible while receiving feedback from customers. 


Creator Accelerator Program

LinkedIn’s newest innovations aren’t just for brands. The platform is also courting creators, who traditionally look to platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram to grow their followings. To grow its own creator community, LinkedIn has announced an Accelerator Program, in which it will invest $25 million to help creators build their audiences and amplify their voices

While LinkedIn was one of the last platforms we imagined would start incorporating more content from creators, we get how creating the program is a necessary move to keep up with other social channels like Instagram. While the content may look a little different than what you’re used to seeing from influencers elsewhere, LinkedIn creators definitely exist—they’re just more focused on building a professional brand and establishing credibility with expertise. LinkedIn influencers, such Neil Patel, regularly post articles about their fields of study, in Neil’s case, digital marketing. In turn, the Accelerator Program will likely give B2B brands a more seamless way to find and engage these types of influencers to amplify their own messages.

According to Andrei Santalo, the head of community at LinkedIn, “Anyone who has a story to tell and is driving professional conversations about the world of work can be a creator on LinkedIn. If you’re someone who has the creativity, passion and commitment to build a meaningful community (and is based in the US) – we want you to apply.” 

By having creators post more consistently on its platform, LinkedIn will inevitably drive more on-platform engagement, benefiting both the creators who create the content and the brands who amplify it. 


With all three of these new features, LinkedIn aims to drive as much on-platform engagement as possible. However, with the addition of long-form content for companies, reviews to build trust, and the creation of a creator ecosystem that will hopefully make it easier for brands to find and leverage B2B influencers, LinkedIn is doubling down on its commitment to brands and creating a clear path forward as an innovative partner. You’ll definitely want to try out these additions to help your brand stand out. We know we will!


By The Streetsense Collective