Chris Delucchi

Managing Principal, Chief Growth Officer

Christine is Streetsense’s Chief Growth Officer, managing global sales, marketing, and customer care. Christine lives and breathes both the employee and customer experience, and is an expert in growing brands and creating unique experiences that resonate with consumer audiences. Christine brings more than 25 years of experience in consumer lifestyle brands across travel and tourism, retail, hospitality, residential, office, and mixed-use environments. Christine built her career on growing relationships and understanding how to engage with consumers across the entire customer journey. She had founded, built, and sold three companies over her 25+ year career all with a focus on branding, content development, public relations, integrated digital communications, and interior design. Today, Christine leads the Streetsense growth strategy and is the principal managing many long-term client relationships across the globe. Christine is an active member of the LGBT and arts communities and involved in fundraising for multiple non-profits. Chris is a member of ICSC, DCBIA, ULI, CREW, and the AMA. In her free time she immerses herself in reading, art, architecture, travel and design to stay inspired. She also loves a nice glass of wine and spending time with her wife and dog Bella.