Isn’t That Convenient?: Amenity Trends in Multifamily

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Red-hot growth in multifamily has all eyes on the industry, with 50% of those under 30 years old occupying rental housing in 2018. Shaped by Millennial and Gen Z consumer behaviors, apartment buildings are raising the bar for amenities — offering services and building features to fulfill the demand for convenience.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Adapting to the influx of online shopping and e-commerce, one of the most popular amenities is package delivery services — including shared lockers for package receipt, dry cleaning drop-off, and even cold storage for grocery and meal kit deliveries. Smart door locks used remotely to control exit and entry are the answer to security concerns and allow for goods to be delivered or services to be performed in-house while the resident is away.

Fly Like a Bird

As transportation continues to be disrupted by ride-shares, bikes, and scooters, residences must provide a place for drop off and pick up. Bike lockers, rideshare meeting points, and scooter pick-up and drop-off areas are becoming popular as fewer people buy cars and rely on alternative modes of transportation.

Dining on Demand

The next step for multi-family is to bring on-demand dining into their service offerings. As Gen-Z tends to stay home and cook more, partnerships with delivery services have a natural synergy. We’re seeing buildings partnering with delivery services to offer residents the option to dine in from a list of local eateries, along with special recipe cards so they can recreate their favorite meals. Multifamily units are also offering residents loyalty card memberships to earn points when they order groceries to be delivered via services like Grubhub.

Droning On

Drones are becoming the modern-day milkman, serving as the solution to consumers “available anytime, anywhere” mindset. Where helipads were the norm for zipping out to the Hamptons, landing space for package delivery is being prioritized.

Grab a Bite

As snacking culture grows, grab-and-go areas are moving into more prominent positions within lobbies and public spaces, reflecting the increased demand for round-the-clock food and drink options. Satiating the need for 24/7 quick food options, multifamily residences are introducing smart tech, such as electronic, unmanned grab-and-go markets, or luxury food vending machines.


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