An Insider’s Look at Brand Camp 2022

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by Tori McCarl, Creative Strategist

This June, the Brand Team at Streetsense kicked off our first annual Brand Camp, an immersive retreat to calibrate the team and spark fresh creativity. The team was brought together in the DC office — with members flying in from as far as LA, Portland, and even Spain — to spend a few days collaborating in person after more than two years remote. For many of the team members brought on during the peak of the pandemic, this was our first opportunity to meet with coworkers face-to-face. 


Gathering together under the gleaming disco ball in the DC headquarters, the creative strategists and graphic designers went through two days of camp-style scheduled events ranging from industry-specific training to fun, team-bonding activities. Across the two days, the group explored the latest in brand and logo skills, refreshed our presentation chops, got an official zodiac sign reading, tried our hands at letterpress printing, wandered local museums, enjoyed an ice cream social, and more. 


The camp provided an invigorating retreat for the Brand Team to learn alongside one another, form closer relationships, and reinvigorate the team comradery that comes when you’re all together in person. As we all headed back our separate ways across the globe, we left as a closer-knit group with a whole lot of residual fun and memories, looking forward to the 2nd annual Brand Camp next year! 


Best. Summer Camp. Ever.


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