The Lockwood: Carefully Crafted Living in DC’s Capitol Hill


The Lockwood: Carefully Crafted Living in DC’s Capitol Hill

August 19, 2021

Get to know The Lockwood, a carefully crafted and elevated living experience in the iconic Washington DC Capitol Hill neighborhood. With interiors designed by edit at Streetsense, the luxury apartment building transports residents and their guests to the era of a local turn-of-the-century Renaissance woman, Belva Lockwood, through period-inspired amenities such as the Edwardian Velvet Belva Pub, a proper English Courtyard, and a charming bar with daily tea service. 


Meet Belva

A trailblazing lawyer, educator, and activist, Belva’s story is one of ambition, perseverance, and passion. Belva was the first woman to argue a case in front of The Supreme Court, the first female law student at George Washington University, and the only woman to run for the presidency in 1884 and 1888 – The Lockwood was designed to be a space that welcomes and inspires the adventurous.


Scout the Space

We translated Belva’s spirit into the interior architecture while keeping it fresh and modern for today’s audience – our design challenge was to create spaces inspired by history and Edwardian design while delivering a modern luxury apartment residence experience. Click through to explore The Lockwood.


By The Streetsense Collective