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Make No Mistake, Email Marketing Is Alive and Well

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It’s true, email marketing is not dead. Not even close. 

Sure, inboxes these days are a noisy and crowded space, with most people engaging with fewer than 3 emails a day while receiving over 88. But email continues to be one of the most impactful ways to connect with audiences, having the lowest bounce rate out of any website traffic source and returning an average of $38 for every dollar invested. In fact, at Streetsense, our clients (some of which we’ve been working with for over 15 years) are experiencing a return of $90 for every dollar invested.

With the ever-increasing pressure to be constantly proving value while generating the maximum economic impact possible on limited funds, destination marketers have one of the toughest challenges around. In the ever-changing travel and tourism industry, email marketing continues to prove itself as a cost-effective and meaningful way to create and maintain relationships with consumers. Read on for three quick tips that every brand and destination marketer can follow to optimize their email campaigns:

Make it Quick

Current research shows that consumers who are engaged within five minutes of having requested more information are 80% more likely to convert. Take advantage of this statistic — create a welcome series or automation sequence where not only does the consumer get the information they’ve requested immediately, but they periodically receive relevant and timely stories about the destination they’ve shown an interest in. It’s also worth noting as consumers and travelers research their next vacation, 78% of consumers buy from the first brand that responds to their request for information, and conversions are 391% higher in the first minute according to Lead Connect.

Taking it Personally

According to the Bondcap 2019 Trends Report, a whopping 91% of consumers prefer brands that offer personalization and 74% are willing to actively share data in exchange for personalized experiences. It’s a well-known fact that people love to hear (or read) their own name, so personalize email campaigns with names and any other relevant data given to you. Utilize subscriber data to create personalized, timely, and interesting content tailor-fit to your audiences.

Before You Go…

On average, between 25% and 70% of website visitors abandon a website without taking any action or converting. Exit-intent technology tracks visitors movements on a website and displays a call-to-action like an email sign-up as it detects the visitor is about to close out of the site — making a last-ditch effort to convert. Tools like Privy are an intuitive and cost-effective way for marketers capture a percentage of abandoning users to build an email database, extending the opportunity to continue a relationship with a visitor through email campaigns. Though 81% of consumers have exited a webpage because of a pop-up ad, the fact is, exit-intent pop-ups perform very well. According to Conversion Sciences, “10 to 15 percent of lost visitors can be ‘saved’ by using exit-intent popups.” Grow your email database and create a relationship with leads captured from exit-intent ads, as they’ve provided a way to keep in touch.

Hungry for more? Check out the Destination Marketing Podcast to dive deeper into email marketing and other essential marketing tools in the travel + tourism industry, or email us here for more email case studies.


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