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Fairfax City Economic Development Announces Completion of Five-Year Strategic Workplan Delivered by Streetsense

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Together with Streetsense’s Place Consulting team, Fairfax City’s Economic Development Office (EDO) has finalized a five-year strategic workplan to guide them through 2028.  “Streetsense is extremely pleased to have worked closely with the Fairfax City Economic Development Office, city staff, and an Advisory Committee consisting of key business and civic leaders. Together we turned previously adopted plans into a practical workplan, one that reflects the goals, resources and tools available for implementation. We are excited to see these plans turn into actionable outcomes in the coming years,” said Larisa Ortiz, Managing Director of Public Non-Profit Solutions at Streetsense.



Learn more about Streetsense’s work developing exciting opportunities with Fairfax City’s EDO here.



The Place Consulting team works to identify, analyze, and solve real estate and place-based challenges from the perspectives of key stakeholders in the real estate ecosystem, including investors, property owners, tenants, and consumers. We take pride in our award-winning diagnostic methodology, one that begins with uncompromising research: identifying unmet potential and diagnosing the hurdles in the way to meeting it. Our diagnostic ensures we have defined and fully understood the challenges, while also educating our clients and setting us up for highly executable solutions and recommendations that support return on investment— however it is measured. See more work from the Place Consulting team by downloading Ready for Reinvention: 2023 Real Estate Trend Report.


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