Federal: Remixing Commercial Real Estate Events

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by The Streetsense Collective

2020 brought many unique challenges to commercial real estate – chiefly among them that in-person conferences could no longer take place. Traditionally a common destination for deal-making, these conferences are crucial.


Federal approached us with an idea in mind to create an alternative to the now-virtual industry conferences – a unique lineup of branded events where thought leaders, frontrunners, and all-around interesting people and ideas take center stage. Together with Federal and led by Wendy Seher, EVP, East Coast Regional President, we developed REMIX: Dealmaking Redefined, a series created with longevity in mind so Federal can continue the virtual event and thought leadership program into 2021 and beyond.


REMIX: Dealmaking Redefined, Vol. 2: REMIXOLOGY – A Cocktail Experience

The second event of the series, REMIX: Dealmaking Redefined, Vol. 2: REMIXOLOGY, A Cocktail Experience, sought out to bring back happy hour. We tapped our good friend and client Derek Brown, renowned mixologist and owner of Columbia Room to bring back the after-work socialization we’ve all been craving. Prior to the event, our team compiled and distributed cocktail kits complete with ingredients and recipes from Derek Brown, Federal-branded cocktail shakers, and a QR code to open a personalized playlist to set the vibe for the night. What resulted was a lively and interactive virtual mixology lesson led by Derek Brown with 75 engaged attendees – all cameras turned on (a strong indicator of high engagement for virtual events) – followed by a networking and social session. We can say bringing back happy hour with REMIX: Vol. 2 felt just almost as good as a post-work drink with colleagues.


Our team has been hard at work concepting and executing a full calendar of events for this year, and we are so excited about the partnerships and activations we’re facilitating for the REMIX: Dealmaking Redefined events – stay tuned for more updates on this innovative virtual series.



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