Food Fête: The Food Hall Evolution

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At the intersection of the thriving sharing economy and the rapidly innovating brick-and-mortar world, the forward-thinking food hall came into its own. We’ve seen the communal culinary craze take our cities by storm, and there’s only more gourmet genius ahead.

In Food Fête—a celebration of the evolution and elevation of food halls—we’re taking a closer look at the nation’s top culinary trendsetters to better understand the narratives nourishing their success. Eat up, after a word from Managing Principal Herb Heiserman.


At Streetsense, we apply our design and brand thinking to the culinary world with the understanding that shared dining spaces cannot just serve a need, but must satisfy a want. While developers of days past built food courts that simply functioned, today’s venues must deliver something extra that truly delights guests.

Our vision for Isabella Eatery, the new focal point of GGP’s Tysons Galleria, came to life by prioritizing the end user, rather than simply addressing the operator’s needs. We created multiple differentiated experiences with a collection of unique dining rooms. Here, patrons can choose their own experience—whether they want to dash in for a quick coffee, relax with a good book, sit for a few moments at the counter, or unwind over a multi-course meal. While the original intention was to bring together multiple chefs and restaurant groups, the vision deeply resonated with Chef Mike Isabella—so much so that he decided to lead culinary operations for the entire 10-concept venue.

For Aventura Mall’s forthcoming food hall, our design team worked with ownership group Turnberry Associates to develop a unifying vision that celebrates the spirit of the getaway. Each tenant must follow overarching design guidelines to ensure that the entire space feels cohesive and evocative of a restorative escape. Anchored by lush outdoor space, overlooking a sculpture garden, and flanked by multiple flagship retail stores, the new destination perfectly balances inline concepts with supporting kiosks, all united by a lighthearted, oasis-inspired identity.Food halls have the ability to shape and define neighborhoods of today and tomorrow.

We’re excited to be a part of these destinations’ evolution as they continue to become more versatile and innovative and serve new communities. As James Beard famously said, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” We are thrilled to bring new solutions to the table.

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