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A construction billboard with a pink flamingo on it, with text that reads: "The aim of art is to get us to dream."

Leveraging Levity in a Brand New World: 2024 Trend Report

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By The Streetsense Collective

Doom. Zoom. Gloom. In a world where post-pandemic challenges have given way to a relentless polycrisis, uncertainty has become our steadfast companion. As experts predict a looming loneliness epidemic, the quest for ways to lift our spirits has never been more vital. Mood-boosting colors have found their way into fashion and interiors, ushering in an era of dopamine-driven dressing and decor. Simultaneously, brands are boldly assuming a role once reserved for third spaces, redefining their identities and reshaping engagement to infuse more joy and lightheartedness into our lives. In 2024, we envision the design world continuing to shake off the stupor of “blanding” as it pursues personality and purpose.


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