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Bring on the Bold

While there is something undeniably soothing about simple typefaces and minimalist design, influencers are increasingly turning up the dial on maximalism. Tracking trends across industries, we’re seeing creatives and consumers alike embracing the bold. New concepts are grounded by meaningful narratives and dynamic personalities, while established brands are feeling the impetus to reintroduce themselves.

Fashion powerhouse Gucci has come back to life, shedding its sleek and sexy aesthetic for a brazen and curiously compelling vision that has captured the hearts and feeds of Millennials. While minimalism traces the lines, maximalism scribbles outside them, bending the rules with experience-driven concepts fueled by intent and flair. In the hospitality sphere, W leads with a contagious energy and verve that infuses its edgy ambiance and curated events.

On the booming food and beverage scene, places designed with social media in mind are bringing the buzz. Creatives know that color is key, while exuberant trends such as maximalism and the tropical interior have been embraced for their fresh and texture-forward take. Hotspots such as London’s Sketch and New York’s Le Coucou are rich with Instagram-friendly decor, experimenting with color and embellishment in all facets of their craft. Visitors are won over by patterned flooring, feature walls, neon light art, playfully hand-drawn menus, and custom glassware.

At Streetsense, we’re bringing pleasure and play into the day-to-day by creating experiences that are truly unique and memorable. Knowing full well that a place’s identity is in the details, we embrace creativity at all levels: read on for projects that channel “go bold, not cold”.

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Cantina Kahlo — Design that Shines

There’s a sea change in graphic design at the moment. Tastefully minimal design suddenly seems a little, well, boring. Logos are the faces of places, and offer an opportunity for personality. We see establishments increasingly embracing the bold and the embellished, transcending the typical typeface by adding texture and pattern. A nod to Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, Cantina Kahlo — a Streetsense design — honors its iconic muse with a vibrant logo. Inspired by Frida’s eclectic personality, energy, and passion, this eatery’s spirited interiors build a vibrant ambiance that honors Mexican culture and cuisine.

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Buttercream Bakeshop — Bye to Bland

Today’s foodies want pictures that pop, and to satisfy their palette food designers are focusing on color, texture, and experience. More and more establishments are introducing exciting experiments using bright or unexpected colors, such as golden turmeric, matcha green, blue algae, and charcoal black — all boasting bright hues that stand out in feeds. New York’s The Good Sort is a vegan espresso bar that has everyone buzzing over their tricolored latte packed with all-natural ingredients. Designed by Streetsense, Buttercream Bakeshop is a DC local’s favorite sweet spot. Breaking through the city’s crowded cupcake scene, pastry chef Tiffany MacIsaac presents a mix of sweet and savory delights, including fresh pizza dough for All Purpose Pizzeria next-door.

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Tiger Fork — The Allure of Texture

Patterns, please! To celebrate creativity and self expression, play with prints and textiles. When purposefully placed across hard and soft surfaces, patterns deliver potent visual impact. Tap into the trove of eclectic colors and bold compositions to craft a sense of depth and dimension. Whether used for floors and walls, or as statement accents, patterns and texture build optical intrigue. Designed by Streetsense’s Edit Lab team, Tiger Fork brings Hong Kong’s culture and cuisine to DC’s Blagden Alley. From the tattoo-like mural painted over the exposed brick walls, to the long wooden communal tables under the glow of paper lanterns, this restaurant and cocktail bar pulses with the energy of textures that talk and aromas that tempt.


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