Serengetee: The Brand that Inspires You to Wear the World – and Change the World

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What is your outfit doing to change the world? If you happened to be wearing apparel from Serengetee, you might actually have an answer for this question. With the tagline, “Wear The World,” Serengetee was born from two University of Arizona college students with a passion for travel. The brand has since inspired its followers to not only travel more, but to help change the world. Since the brand emerged in 2012, Serengetee has gained a huge following, with over 88,400 followers on Instagram alone. The brand has built an empire off the idea of traveling and giving back to the community. Many of their products are made from fabrics around the world (where the co-owners often purchase the materials in person), and each product gives back a portion of its sale price to a philanthropic program. Over the past five years, Serengetee has built a consumer base of travelers, fashionistas and philanthropists.


 Photo courtesy of @serengetee

I originally found out about this brand back in 2014, when a friend of mine was a brand ambassador or “Campus Rep” for Serengetee. The following spring, I made some friends in my study abroad program who were close with the Serengetee co-founder and CMO, Ryan Westberg. It was through studying abroad and being a Campus Rep that I really fell in love with this brand. One of the most innovative aspects of this brand is that you know exactly which cause or program your purchase helps to fund. Known for their wildly popular pocket T-shirts, Serengetee’s website helps the consumer find the pocket tee or fabric that most interests them. You can search by the fabric’s origin, patterns, colors and (my personal favorite) by cause. Possible charities include animal rights programs, educational programs, disaster relief, poverty relief and more. When picking out gifts, I often turn to Serengetee so I can purchase apparel that is both fashionable and charitable. I tailor the purchase to the person, based on a cause that most resonates with them – it’s a gift that keeps on giving.


Photo courtesy of @jaquory_lunsford @andieftizgerald via @serengetee

Another way that this brand has really made its mark is through its use of brand influencers and utilization of user-generated content. Campus Reps are given complimentary clothing and items to help spread word about the brand through college campuses around the country. Each semester brings an opportunity to apply for a Campus Rep position, and extends to the biggest (and smallest) of universities. Serengetee is also consistent in its use of user-created content, while remaining consistent with its brand messaging. As a Campus Rep during my study abroad program, my Serengetee t-shirt became a huge staple in my wardrobe. And yes, I took a whirl at posting my own Serengetee content via Instagram


Serengetee has become a relevant fashion brand that aims to inspire its consumers and practices what it preaches: to travel more and change the world around you.


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