Streetsense Defining The Brand Experience For Real Estate (Bisnow)

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Working around the globe, Streetsense creates and curates moments where people can rub elbows, sip coffee or just find a place to be alone, surrounded by others. Retail is no longer about selling things. Hotels are no longer about rooms. And offices are no longer about square footage.

“Experience design is not an aesthetic, a look, a new logo or website or an updated space layout,” Streetsense managing partner Jeff Pollak said. “It deconstructs the customer journey into micro-moments and re-engineers them.”

The Streetsense experience-based design and strategy collective has offices in Bethesda, Washington, DC, New York City and San Francisco. The firm’s team of 170 research analysts, real estate strategists, architects, planners, designers, brand strategists, chefs, content creators and PR experts create transformative experiences for clients. Streetsense sees its mission as helping its clients to distinguish themselves from competitors and to update dated concepts to bring them in line with a changing consumer landscape.

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