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by The Streetsense Collective

Like so many people and companies, we used the last year plus to take stock of who we are, where we want to be, and what impact we want to have on our growing community and the communities in which we work. We tried new things, grew our team, doubled-down on big ideas, and made moves across the board—and around the globe.  


So, as we move into our third decade as Streetsense, we are launching an evolved brand that clearly communicates who we are (a global creative collective) and what makes us different (creating amazing places and stories). Like our work, our refreshed identity is bold, timeless, and flexible—communicating through shape and color a unique, contextual approach and lens on the world.  


Our brand launch also coincides with the opening of our new headquarters at the historic Wonder Bread Factory (641 S Street NW) in DC’s Shaw neighborhood, where we’ve been helping create new, much-loved places for years and honoring the unique character of this special part of the city. 


In this next chapter, more than ever, we’re committed to creating positive impact for clients and their communities through unmatched placeshaping, brandbuilding, and storytelling. We’re committed to our teams and their unique ability to shape things like only they can. And to leaning into the real-world magic that’s created between the street and our sense. 


This is the new STREETSENSE—all caps, no period.



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