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Here at Streetsense, we’re extremely proud of our family of world-class clients, but with world-class clients come world-spread teams. As we work hard to service daily client needs, a key tool to meet those creative needs comes in the form of communications technology.

Choosing the Best Medium

With the myriad of communication mediums available to client service pros, the challenge is rarely how to communicate, but where to communicate. One should always select the medium that best suits the communication preferences of your client — inquiring about those preferences should be one of the first things you do at the beginning of a creative relationship. We all fall in the trap of defaulting to our preferred method of communication — the Millennial “fear of the phone” comes to mind — but it’s important to think about the client first. Does your client spend most of their day in front of a laptop in the office? Their preference might be longer, more detailed exchanges over email. Are they on the road and glued to their smartphones? Their preference might be quick conversations over text. Nail down the best medium and any mayhem will quickly turn into momentum.

When In Doubt: Video Chat

With a vibrant and distributed workforce comes the need to tailor technology to support communication needs — across town or across the globe (¡Hola, Streetsense Madrid!). This is where video collaboration platforms are worth their weight in gold. Adding coveted sight to the sound of your meetings can make all the difference when discussing complex strategy or gauging client reactions to creative work. Streetsense makes daily use of video conferencing through our engagement client’s line of collaboration solutions, Logitech Video Collaboration. Beyond the cool factor, this technology goes a long way in building relationships when you can’t be there in person as often as you’d like.

Don’t Forget the Phone

To round things out, we’re offering one last piece of technology advice to our client service colleagues out there. Alexander Graham Bell worked incredibly hard to bring us the modern marvel that is the telephone. Oftentimes the phone is the actual quickest way to get to the bottom of something — don’t forget to pick it up once in a while for a good old-fashioned chat with your clients.


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