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A streetscape from Manhattan's financial district.

Case Study: Transforming Manhattan’s Financial District into a Neighborhood

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By The Streetsense Collective

A recent study developed by CBRE — Shaping Tomorrow’s Cities — analyzes the evolution of American cities, the impact on real estate, and recommendations for business and public policy choices. Chapter nine (Transforming Manhattan’s Financial District into a Neighborhood), contributed by Streetsense, examines the physical and emotional attributes that define great urban neighborhoods.


Focusing on New York’s Financial District as an example, we look at what happens when you combine strategic public investments with innovative residential developers who value asset repositioning and storytelling. With nine and counting branding and marketing projects in lower Manhattan representing more than 4,000 residential units within a 10-block radius, Streetsense is well-positioned to extract meaningful insights for transforming business districts into successful residential neighborhoods.


Read the full case study to learn how a strategic combination of regulatory reform, transportation improvements, thoughtful public space investments and organizational stewardship can create vibrant neighborhoods with mixed uses and users.






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