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Why UXpertise Matters

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Great digital design isn’t just about a pretty (inter)face. The best products come from an emphasis on user experience (UX), the behind-the-scenes tinkering that isolates pain points and remedies them. Our approach to user experience is underpinned by research that makes sense of how visitors navigate a website, interface design focused on visual and interactive connection points, and seamless site development that perfects animations and effects to ensure that the final product is engaging and gives users just what they need.

The data on user-focused design speaks for itself. Sites that aren’t both intuitive and design-driven don’t stand a chance. A 2015 KoMarketing survey of 260+ respondents found that, once on a company’s homepage, 86% of site visitors wanted information about the brand’s products and services, and 44% of visitors would leave a website if there was no contact information provided. Further, a December 2016 report by market research firm Forrester found that, on average, every dollar invested in user experience yields $100 in return.

In our world, the user reigns supreme, and a user-focused approach is central to our process. Our understanding of digital visitors is bolstered by our interdisciplinary knowledge of consumer behavior. We developed RPAI’s new corporate site  — which features unique landing pages for investors, tenants, brokers, and partners, tailored specifically to their needs — with our real estate industry knowledge top-of-mind. For Donohoe, crafting one parent brand for many associated companies was key to clarifying the firm’s identity and telling a powerful story that resonated with its clients, partners, and employees. With the user in the driver’s seat, digital solutions are not simply better looking, but higher functioning. From vision to reality, the user experience is the fundamental factor to today’s top performing websites.

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