Two large green indoor slides surrounded by rock-like structures.

Your Kids Will Never Want To Leave Rockville’s Epic New Indoor Playspace (Washingtonian)

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The modernist amusement park is the brainchild of mother-turned-founder-and-CEO Mikel Blair of Potomac. She and her husband have six kids between 5 and 20 years old (three of the older children work at Badlands) who were the inspiration for the enterprise. “We were always looking for new creative ways to spend time with our children,” she says. “We are in awe of the museums that DC has, and we are experts at the zoos, and yet we’d leave and the kids would still have a ton of energy. They needed to run, jump, climb and move.”

After thinking about the idea for nearly five years, Blair began to seriously pursue the venture early in 2016. She studied playground science, as well as how her own children and their friends used the playgrounds they visited, and worked with Streetsense to execute the design.

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