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It’s not every day that two world-class companies tie the knot. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that CBRE is becoming a joint venture partner in Streetsense. We’ve found that, in this case, great minds really do think alike — our new partnership is built upon a trifecta of shared beliefs:

  • In the experience-driven world, meaningful connections are more valuable than any physical product or service.
  • Forging lasting bonds throughout the entire customer journey has never been more important — or more difficult.
  • It’s no longer enough just to deliver functional spaces; it’s about creating transformative, insight-driven brands and places that resonate on an emotional level with consumers.

This collective vision will help us achieve uncommon outcomes with unprecedented impact. And while we’re united by mindset, we each bring distinct qualities to the table — key to any successful relationship.

Our commitment to innovation is amplified by our creativity and CBRE’s breadth and resources. Together we believe that creativity drives experience and value.

Our belief in the importance of brokerage — which has always been a core part of the Streetsense platform, integral to our ability to deliver executable solutions to our clients — is elevated by our brokerage team joining CBRE, connecting us to hundreds more key influencers across the globe. Together we see brokers as neighborhood builders and brand ambassadors.

Our view that the world now demands more immersive, insight-driven solutions is propelled by our ability to create brands people love and places people love to be. Together we understand the importance of being consumer- and experience-led.

We are continuing to create brands people love and places people love to be, now with even greater reach and impact.

The Streetsense brand is stronger than ever. Partnering with CBRE gives us better intel, a broader worldview, and a bigger footprint, setting us up to do our very best creative work. As partners, we are focused on unlocking value for brands and their customers; creating and reimagining environments where people interact; driving demand for clients; and fostering community and sense of place across industries and geographies.

We can’t wait for you to see what we can do together.

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