D.C.’s Hottest Design Duo Set And Anticipate Trends That Go Beyond Looks (Washington City Paper)

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When you step into the Brookland wine bar Primrose, the space feels lived in. The walls look like they’ve seen hundreds of coats of paint, vases of dried flowers feel like reminders of anniversaries and apologies past, and mirrors covered in patches of patina don’t quite depict accurate reflections. But it’s all a magic trick at the behest of co-owner and designer Lauren Winter. The Paris-inspired spot from Winter and her husband, Sebastian Zutant, only opened at the end of November.

Winter and Brian Miller founded Edit Lab, a hospitality industry focused design agency, in 2008. The trendsetting duo first met more than 20 years ago while attending the Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2012, they joined forces with the design and strategy firm Streetsense to form Edit Lab at Streetsense, where they now lead a team of nine.

You’ve seen their work at Tail Up Goat, Whaley’s, and Daikaya. Their projects also include many of the restaurants in Blagden Alley—The Dabney, Calico, Tiger Fork, and Columbia Room—and Bloomingdale fixtures like The Red Hen and Boundary Stone.

The Edit Lab team doesn’t just configure designer furniture and scout vintage accent pieces; they mold the look of entire neighborhoods. “We know these neighborhoods are developing, so our goal is to see how we can shape the changes, steer it in a good direction,” Miller says. The group can quickly assess what a neighborhood has too much of and what a neighborhood lacks.

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