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“The Who” is a way for our readers to get to know the Streetsense team. This month, we’re meeting Danielle Brennan, a Creative Strategist in Branding + Marketing. 

What is your role at Streetsense?

I’m a Creative Strategist in Branding + Marketing. My background is design and creative conceptualization, so my role within the team focuses mainly on concept development, project naming, and strategizing to develop the initial legs of a business idea. For example – in a kickoff meeting with a client and it’s my job to make sure we fully understand the client’s vision so we can help it come to life and ensure that it will tell the same story two years from now.

How long have you worked at Streetsense?

My first day was August 3rd, so two months and 11 days.

What’s your favorite part about working at Streetsense so far?

I think I got really lucky with the composition of my team, both the talent and where my physical desk is in the office. I sit in a pod with the Graphic Design team and while I have design experience, I don’t necessarily have a graphic design background. By sitting next to the Designers, I’ve been able to soak up a lot of information about creating and conceptualizing graphics that I was never exposed to. My personal Creative Strategy team has very strong writing expertise, so I’m able to learn more about storytelling and branding through writing by working with them on a daily basis.

What inspires you to do your best work at Streetsense?

I think that because I have a hospitality background I get inspired just by seeing how people interact in places. You can walk into an expertly designed space, but if no one is there actually experiencing it, then the place feels unauthentic. Placemaking and creating experiences is what Streetsense focuses on day in and day out and seeing people from different backgrounds come together to achieve this really inspires me. It’s amazing how easily my colleagues can effortlessly break out into a brainstorm and walk away with an idea that can truly create a meaningful experience.

What made you choose your profession?

To be honest, when I was studying at SCAD, I really loved the idea of majoring in business, but knew that I needed to pursue a profession where I could physically create something. I just can’t see myself working on Wall Street as a CPA! At SCAD, I majored in Fashion Marketing and Management with a minor in Business Management and Entrepreneurship (I only like majors with long titles), which allowed me to study in a creative environment while still learning business fundamentals. After graduation, I wanted to be an event planner and the job I took out of school placed me in their design and hospitality department where I absolutely fell in love with the industry and decided I wanted to pursue a career in it.

What’s your favorite place to pull inspiration from?

Funny enough, I find inspiration when I’m not looking for it. Part of the reason I moved from NYC to DC was because I wanted the opportunity to be able to step outside the city, take a breather, and go hiking. By taking myself out of the hustle and bustle, ideas come to me more freely.

What’s a hobby you have outside of Streetsense?

As I mentioned, hiking is a big part of my life. I love exploring new trails around the DC area and taking in nature. I’m also trying to become a “jack of all trades.” I’m spending some time learning handy skills like craftsmanship, woodworking, and car mechanics. I just learned how to do an oil change!

If you could have a second career, what would it be?

Event planner.

You just recently moved to DC, what’s your favorite thing about the city so far?

I did an internship here three years ago but didn’t get to fully immerse myself in the city so I’m glad I’m getting a second chance. My favorite part of DC is probably its location – I get to enjoy an urban lifestyle during the week but can easily get away to go hiking nearby. I also live in a house with six roommates, so there’s always something to do or someone to explore the city with!



The Last Mile by David Baldacci


Stranger Things

Listening to? 

I love classic rock or soul stations on Pandora



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