Fairfax County Envisions 2,000-Plus Units Next To Huntington Metro (Washington Business Journal)

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One of the largest potential residential projects in Greater Washington — a development that has largely flown under the radar — has earned the initial backing of Fairfax County.

Two years ago this week, the county’s Board of Supervisors initiated a comprehensive plan amendment to drastically hike the potential density across the 19.5-acre Huntington Club condominium site adjacent to Huntington Metro station. Huntington Club, developed in the late 1960s as the Telegraph Hill Apartments before it was converted to condos in 1979, currently consists of 364 garden and townhouse-style units in 10 buildings.

In the period since the board kicked off the amendment process, Arlington-based IDI Group — selected by the Huntington Club condo association as master developer — has crafted a concept plan for the site that calls for roughly 500 apartments and 1,000 condos, 65 townhouses, nearly 450,000 square feet of office, 18,000 square feet of retail and a 120,000-square-foot hotel.

After a lengthy review, the county’s planning staff is essentially backing that concept, and much more.

The proposed comprehensive plan amendment, detailed in a staff report issued this week, provides for as many as 2,187 apartments and condos, 70 townhomes, 586,000 square feet of office and 19,000 square feet of retail across what is now Huntington Club. It suggests 200-foot building heights adjacent to the Metro station, tapering to the south and west to 55 feet nearest Huntington Club’s residential neighbors.

Streetsense is working with IDI on the Huntington Club design.

The planning commission has scheduled a public hearing on the amendment for Dec. 7, while the board is expected to take it up on Jan. 23.

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