How Instagram-Friendly Is your Space? (Blueprint By CBRE)

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Before social media became mainstream, the first thing diners did when their food arrived at a restaurant was dig in. Today, many patrons wait until they’ve captured the perfect food picture to add to their social media feeds.

Social media is ubiquitous, having transformed nearly every aspect of our lives including the physical world around us. From restaurants to pop-up experiences—many developers, brands and organizations are taking notice and reimagining space through the lens of Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter—creating environments that encourage and allow consumers to snap, post, and share their perspectives on any given event or experience.

Thus, a brand’s design and aesthetic are crucial for attracting consumers who are embracing the digital photo-sharing phenomenon.

Streetsense, a CBRE partner, helps brands create spaces that will entice consumers to post and share their content online. “Ultimately, consumers value and reward brands that give them opportunities to build, augment and enrich their own personal brands on social media and photo-sharing apps,” says Chris Delucchi, managing principal of brand engagement at Streetsense.

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