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Island Time: Adam Greenberg To Open Restaurant Near Union Market Next Year (Washington City Paper)

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“It’s like Urban Outfitters meets a Wes Anderson movie,” Chef Adam Greenberg says, as he gesticulates wildly, his arms brandished with tattoos of food emojis. He’s describing Coconut Club, set to open near Union Market next spring with island-inspired small plates and tropical fresh juice cocktails that may well be served in glass disco balls or pineapples.

To straddle the line between cool and kitsch, Greenberg has hired Lauren Winter and Megan Capo of Edit Lab at Streetsense to handle design. Their work can also be seen at Tail Up Goat, Tiger Fork, Whaley’s, Daikaya, and other eye-catching restaurants. But one bit of aesthetic Greenberg is passionate about is Hawaiian scenes. That’s why he’ll be taking his iPhone-sized drone to Hawaii in September during a research and development trip, flying it over surfers and waterfalls to capture idyllic images.

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