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Nope, we’re not changing our name – but yep, we are changing our uncommon collective for the better. Today we welcome award-winning Delucchi Plus, Washington DC’s premier content marketing firm focused on driving engagement, sales, and influence, to our team. Today we bolster our research capabilities to complement our strategic thinking and gain the ability to participate in our clients’ go-to-market strategies. Today we become even better and even more different.

By joining forces, we are better than we are individually and different from any other company in the market. We know that experiences aren’t limited to the physical world. We also know that they don’t end when a project launches. With the inclusion of Delucchi Plus, Streetsense is extending our commitment to the digital experience and deeper consumer engagement.

Together, we’re an informed strategy and design collective firmly focused on end-user experiences and delivering measurable, transformative results. Together, we have an unparalleled depth of understanding, expertise, and engagement, enabling us to connect with our clients and their customers at an entirely different level.

We’re thrilled about this togetherness for lots of reasons, but here are a few of our favorites:

  •       A broader perspective on how consumers experience brands – both onsite and online
  •       The ability to add value throughout the customer’s entire journey, from retail strategy, brand building, and the built environment to ongoing content, public relations, and digital marketing efforts
  •       Stronger, deeper, and more informed brand experiences as a result of having insights into the physical and digital worlds
  •       The power to drive transformational, measurable results through our collective knowledge of end-user needs to inform our design, strategy, and implementation

Why now? The world is evolving – and we want to be well-positioned to define the future of experience. Omni-channel offerings are eclipsing strictly e-commerce or brick-and-mortar business models and consumers are seeking compelling consistency at every touch point. We can now create the brand story, immerse consumers in it in the physical space, translate the conversation seamlessly online, and measure the impact in a meaningful way.

Defining the future of experience is no small task. We may not have all the answers today, but here’s what we do know: We are a best-in-class talent house unlike anything else around. We are committed to advancing our creative community, evolving the experience economy, and – above all – continuing to make a meaningful impact on brands and places both in the physical and digital worlds.

Plus, it just makes sense. #streetsenseplus #betterdifferent


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