Hoot Beerdega | Heard Coffee | Cassette Club

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Hoot Beerdega | Heard Coffee | Cassette Club

Seattle, WA
  • Branding
  • Interior Architecture
  • Retail

A trio of concepts in tune with Pioneer Square

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Streetsense was tasked with developing three concepts—a bike club, coffee shop, and grab-and-go retail space—that would activate the ground floor and alley of an adaptive reuse building situated in Seattle’s iconic Pioneer Square. 


The brand team conducted researching on the history of the area and each of the concepts’ potential competitors—especially in the coffee space—while the interior architecture team worked with the client to identify and showcase the spaces’ historic character via the interior design. Together, the brand and design teams crafted the identities and expressions of each concept, envisioning them as siblings in a family (related, but each with its own personality). The theme of sound united the space and concepts.


We designed signage that would showcase our unique brands and accessing their tones—in-tune, without pretense, fun/friendly—and  while letting the building’s beautiful patina shine. 

Bike Lover Retail/

Cassette Club is thoughtfully designed—and beautifully branded—to instill a feeling that supports a variety of visitor needs, from shopping for a new bike or apparel, to bringing one in for repair, to storing it for the day, even just soaking in the vibe. It embodies niche knowledge but community service, as well as digital savviness with a respect for the analog.

Bike Lover Retail/

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Coffeeshop Vibes/

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Coffeeshop Vibes/

Its small footprint doesn’t stop Heard from making a big impact as a comfortable neighborhood spot to grab a great cup of coffee. It serves those on the go, those who want to hang, and provides good vibrations for any and all in between.


The result is a trio of spaces that each offer their own take on the sounds of Seattle. From the bike storage membership at Cassette Club to the friendly baristas at Heard to the irresistible hot dogs and craft beer selection at Hoot, these concepts give locals and visitors every reason to stay all day. 


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