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Orange Village, OH
  • Mixed use
  • Strategy

A placemaking audit and vision for a growing mixed-use retail destination

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With a few years of success under its belt, Fairmount Properties approached Streetsense to advise on placemaking opportunities that would help Pinecrest, a shopping-oriented destination appealing to local residents and regional families, stay on the map with consumers in the midst of a growing, saturated retail market. The client sought an audit on the existing sense of place, recommendations for public space and retail improvements, and ideas for interim activations and programming concepts that would help to build brand awareness and increase foot traffic with aspirational audiences.


Streetsense worked with the client to evaluate the existing public realm and assess different opportunity areas based on best practices as well as the other offerings in the competitive landscape. Streetsense also developed a comprehensive set of short, medium, and long term solutions, each detailed to cast a vision for a memorable place that resonates in the eyes of the local consumer. Additionally, Streetsense curated seven new public realm concepts, each intended to create more complete and attractive sense of place; many of the experience concepts included sketches and inspirational imagery that helped bring the idea to life. The collection of recommendations and concepts create a clear roadmap of opportunity for the client to use for a discussion with senior leadership. 

Public Realm Assessment/

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Public Realm Assessment/

Evaluated public qualities, including edge condition, landscaping, art, and seating, throughout the site to identify vibrant areas and note which zones were primed for improvement.

Strategic Recommendations/

Illustrated short, medium, and long-term recommendations for public realm improvements; the time-frame was intended to tease apart lower-lift recommendations from longer-term investments.

Strategic Recommendations/

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Experience Concepts/

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Experience Concepts/

Illustrated ideas for a network of 7 distinct public realm moments throughout the site, and included sketches and inspirational imagery to help bring the idea to life.


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