The Team Behind Daikaya Will Open Its Fourth Ramen Shop In Navy Yard (Washingtonian)

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We’re still not sold on Forbes‘s recent claim that Navy Yard is one of the “coolest” neighborhoods on the entire planet, but it is about to get a little bit cooler. The crew behind hip DC ramen shops Daikaya, Bantam King, and Haikanwill open their fourth restaurant—Hatoba—in Navy Yard this winter.

Like Haikan and Daikaya, Hatoba will serve its own variation of Sapporo-style ramen. Given the waterfront locale, chef Katsuya Fukushima is looking to include some fish in the tare, or the sauce that give the stock its taste. The ramen bowls will continue to incorporate noodles custom-made by Nishiyama Seimen Company in Sapporo, Japan.

The exact menu is still in development, but it will likely be limited to ramen (including chilled versions) and gyoza dumplings. The 50-seat restaurant and 30-seat patio will also have Japanese beer and an “abbreviated” cocktail selection.

The name Hatoba is Japanese for “dock”—an apt name given that the restaurant will be housed in a former manufacturing building for Navy ship boilers. The decor will draw inspiration from a Japanese supply warehouse where boats might unload goods, as well as the Kappabashi, or “Kitchen Town,” area of Tokyo where you’ll find all sorts of cooking equipment and serving dishes. Kappabashi is also known for vendors selling plastic food replicas, which Hatoba will have on display. Edit Lab at Streetsense restaurant designer Brian Miller—who’s behind the looks of the group’s other three ramen shops—will also incorporate memorabilia from the Nippon-Ham Fighters, the baseball team of Sapporo. Hatoba is blocks from Nationals Park, after all.

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