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4 Steps for Vetting Influencer Partners

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From the rapid rise of TikTok to Instagram’s hidden likes, social media’s quick changes keep us on our toes to research and develop the influencer tactics for our clients. The four key steps below are what we use to guide us through the multifaceted influencer partnership process, and make sure we deliver successful, top-notch campaigns.

Know The Audience

A successful influencer campaign should start with a deep understanding of the brand’s target audience. Ultimate Ears, a Streetsense client, targets a young, active, and engaging population. To connect with this audience, our strategy focuses on partnering with lifestyle content creators, a broad bucket that spans artists, designers, bloggers, vloggers, fashion icons, and more. Knowing the Ultimate Ears demographic well helps Streetsense identify and partner with influencers that move the needle on UE campaigns — including dancer, Ellen Kim, traveler, Brayden Hall, singer, Amy Cohen, and lifestyle influencer, Camille Johnson.

Evaluate Engagement

Regardless of their follower count, look for influencers with higher engagement rates — think 3% or higher — to maintain a standard that ensures engaging with influencers whose followers are loyal, active, and interested in their content.

Ensure Authenticity

Consumers can spot an inauthentic post from a mile away — in our overly-saturated social media world filled with a constant barrage of ads, it’s incredibly important to partner with influencers who post authentic content. When judging for authenticity based on an influencer’s feed, looked for influencers that strike a balance between personal, organic posts and brand partnerships, and whose lifestyles, personalities, and captions seem genuine rather than scripted.

Meet Brand Standards

When researching potential influencers, keep in mind the brand’s standards for quality of content and captions, and dig deep into feeds to note any red flags including inappropriate content or  potentially competing partnerships.

Influencer campaigns require more than identifying influencers, asking for content, and posting — this multifaceted process necessitates a deep understanding of both the brand and the influencer network in order to develop a successful and holistic campaign.


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