Delaware’s Quaint Villages: A Charming Destination for Influencers

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One of the most prominent pillars of our services at Streetsense is influencer marketing, or when brands align themselves with an influencer in an effort to spread the word about their company. An influencer could be a blogger, celebrity or anyone with a large, dedicated social following or presence. We love when we get to work with an industry’s top influencers in order to showcase exactly what makes our clients stand out. Our latest endeavor featured Natalie from the page The Fashionably Broke and the beautiful Delaware’s Quaint Villages. Natalie and her sister Erika are on a mission to inspire others through style, home décor and adventure; all on a budget! We thought they would be a perfect pair with Delaware’s Quaint Villages, an easy weekend getaway destination just a short drive from major metro areas like Washington, DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia. Natalie put together a beautiful guide to touring Delaware’s Quaint Villages. Here is what we loved about her work:


  1. The Photography

When working with influencers, it is important you give them the creative freedom to explore their aesthetic. This is especially important for their content to resonate with their audience, and for your brand to build off that steam. Natalie did a spectacular job at capturing the essence of Delaware’s Quaint Villages while adding her own special touch and personality.


  1. The Destinations

What parts of your brand do you want an influencer to highlight? For Delaware’s Quaint villages there is a wide range of things to do and sites to see, and Natalie covered a lot of ground. Between Dover International Speedway at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino and Fifer Orchards, Natalie was able to capture the spectrum of DQV in one weekend, instead of focusing on just one component of the trip.


  1. The Personal Connection

Making the connection between your brand and the theme of an influencer can be very easy or sometimes a bit more ambitious. If you are working with a foodie blogger and ask them to cover a restaurant, the proof is in the pudding. But what happens when you ask a lifestyle blogger to stay at a casino with a NASCAR track set adjacent to Amish Country? With Natalie, you end up with an amazing story of a weekend journey with good food, wine, beautiful scenery, and a splash of art and history. Between stopping on the side of the road to catch a shot of a fairytale like cherry tree or uncovering a hidden gem in the pool at the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, Natalie was on her game. With a camera as her brush and Delaware’s Quaint Villages as her pallet, these photos are nothing short of a masterpiece. The Consensus We hope this recap was helpful for marketers looking to working with influencers in the future, and we commend Natalie for her work and look forward to working with her again! Be sure to check out Delaware’s Quaint Villages for relaxing weekend getaway this summer!

Photos courtesy of Natalie Pinto, The Fashionably Broke


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