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An Intro To Interactive Brand Experiences

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Ah, the digital age — the era where you can have wine delivered to your front door with the touch of a button, or walk alongside dinosaurs by simply putting on a VR headset. Or even print, yes print, a wine opener to open that wine you ordered. While these technological advances make our lives easier and more enjoyable, it becomes harder for brands to impact their target audience in a way that is different from what they experience every day.

So why do we care?

We care because in order to make an impact in this digitally focused world, we must create a memorable and interactive brand experience. This experiential-focused strategy is becoming a trend in the marketing and advertising world, and here at Streetsense, we aim to tell our stories in a way that disrupts the status quo.

As a design and strategy firm, Streetsense conceptualizes ways to deliver an interactive brand experience — one that immerses the brand in the lives of its consumers. We create memorable experiences that add value and ultimately leave audiences looking for more relevant information.

Why does this work?

There are many reasons why this type of advertising is effective. One of the not-so-obvious reasons may have to do with power. Two-way communication allows the consumer the opportunity to control their own messages — rather than just being told what to do and what product to buy. When consumers feel they are in control, they are more likely to have a positive response to the brand. Of course, a positive response to the brand is the first step in creating a meaningful connection between that brand and the consumer.

This bi-monthly blog series will look at different interactive campaigns and recall the way that these strategies have transformed the marketing and advertising industry, and ultimately, increased engagement. Next up, a look at how one of the biggest beverage brands disrupted the industry’s marketing game.


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