Assembling the Experience Design Dream Team

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Retail is no longer just about selling goods, restaurants are no longer just about food, and hotels are no longer just for lodging. As we’ve moved further into the experience economy, spaces have been elevated into places, thanks to meticulous experience design and the carefully crafted activities and experiences that happen within them. As with any large project, the experience design process leverages the talents of an array of disciplines. As we engineer award-winning experience-based designs, who do we recruit for our dream team?


Let’s start at the very beginning — the first person we recruit to our experience design dream team is a research and analysis expert. Whether planning for retail or hospitality experiences, researchers provide key knowledge about macro and micro-level trends, from cultural preferences to long-term economic influences, that affect the development of the project.

Real Estate Strategists

You wouldn’t put a French restaurant next door to the only other French restaurant in town, just like you wouldn’t locate a discount retailer in the highest-earning neighborhood, which is why a real estate strategist is a key player in the beginning stages of the project. Real estate strategists find the right spaces — and therefore, the communities that come along with them — for experiences to take place. Strategists that give data-driven recommendations for locations shape the vision of the project at the very beginning stages.


Whether outlining design details or ensuring code and safety requirements, architects create the infrastructure for the experience to take place, which is why they’re crucial to the team. Retrofitting an existing building or starting from the beginning, architects build the journey as visitors engage with the physical spaces of the experience.

Interior Designers

Another must-have on our dream team has the power to transport visitors — to the roaring glamour of the 1920s or across the world for authentic Japanese ramen experiences. Interior designers craft the feel of the space, turning physical spaces into immersive environments that influence perception and create memorable experiences.

Environmental Graphic Designers

People don’t magically teleport from one place to the next — they move from one place to another thanks to wayfinding. Graphics designers hold a crucial role on the team by curating a path for visitors to follow that informs and leads visitors through the experience. Whether laying breadcrumbs for visitors to follow to locate the reception area or the restroom, environmental graphic designers put the cherry on top of the experience.

Together, we have our experience-based design dream team that creates the tangible and intangible moments that make up unforgettable experiences.


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