Celebrating Pride in the Interior Architecture Industry

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by Emma Eisler, People Operations Partner

At Streetsense, we proudly support the fight for dignity and equality for all those who identify as LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, and/or Asexual). Visibility and representation are crucial in helping members of the community feel seen and heard, while also raising external awareness and understanding. As storytellers and cultivators of community, we understand the importance of considering multiple perspectives and respecting unique narratives – we are more creative together! 


To celebrate a joyous month of Pride, we are happy to recognize and honor the contributions of a few influential LGBTQIA+ individuals to the Interior Architecture industry. 


Eileen Gray (1878-1976) was a pioneer of the Modern architecture movement. Her interior designs were celebrated for their modernity in her time. She lived an openly bisexual life, with some of her work named for to those she loved. Known in part for her lacquered screens, steel tube furniture, and domestic architecture and design, her work remains stylish and holds a contemporary feel, even today. 


Elsie de Wolfe (1859-1950), credited as the first professional American interior designer, brought soft colors and airier fabrics into popularity. Her anti-Victorian, feminine style first came into play redesigning the home she shared with her partner, theatre producer and agent Elisabeth Marbury (their home is now listed as an NYC LGBT Historic Site). When her innovative and refreshing designs brought her notoriety, she turned her skills into a profession, bringing commissions and opportunities to publish writings about her design style. 


Known for his contributions to three distinct design movements – Supergraphics, High-Tech, and postmodernism – Alan Buchsbaum (1935-1987) was an experimental innovator in his work. With a career founded in adaptability, his work led to a transformation of Manhattan loft living into luxurious and sophisticated spaces. His bold and unique style brought pop culture into the homes of his many notable clients. 


In the spirit of Pride, we recognize these unique voices and will continue to look towards a world where everyone may live unapologetically as themselves and bring their individual voices to the table. Considering unique viewpoints is crucial in creating a more vibrant and innovative world.  


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