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Working With Influencers 101

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Influencers dominate today’s social landscape. The modern-day version of a celebrity endorsement, influencers are a key tool in the content marketing toolkit and span across industries from food and beverage, to fashion, travel and tourism, lifestyle, gaming, and more. Influencers can be leveraged in a variety of ways, whether solely on social or in holistic campaigns spanning external platforms.

As brands turn to influencers to engage with their audiences, it’s important that they do so in authentic and relatable ways. That’s where agencies like Streetsense come in — to help clients find the correct influencers who best represent the brand and execute aesthetically-pleasing, carefully-crafted content that resonates with their audiences. Agencies that act as the liaison between brands and influencers have a turnkey role in the success of campaigns, providing the tools necessary to implement and execute quality campaigns. 

We’re Taking Care of Businesses

The first step in winning the influencer game is to have a strong grasp of the brand’s ask. Agencies need to fully understand not only the product or service, but the target demographic, social media platform, influencer tier, engagement rate, aesthetic, content pieces, and more. From there, agencies comb through hordes of influencers to identify which ones fit the bill and present recommendations to the brand.

Once a brand and its agency agree upon which influencers to employ, agencies move into the outreach and contracting phase where they negotiate budgeting and contract conditions. Once budgeting is agreed upon, agencies draw up contracts that outline timelines, content deliverables, payment schedules, and metrics gathering. 

After all of the aforementioned steps, agencies handle execution — making sure influencers post content that aligns with content and copy requirements on a scheduled cadence to reach the most consumers.

We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends

One important aspect throughout the process is for agencies to build and maintain relationships with the influencers. While a partnership stemming from a contractual agreement makes it easy to forget that we’re working with people, fortifying friendships can be incredibly beneficial to the influencers, the agency, and the brand.

#WeCreate the Instagrammable Moment

One exceptionally beneficial relationship came from working with illustrator and visual designer, Timmy Ham (@iamsloth). Ham creates bold and attention-grabbing visuals and has accumulated a community of over 400,000 followers on Instagram. The artist-influencer uses Logitech products like Crayon and MX Master to create various graphics across different mediums, so it was a no-brainer that Timmy partner with Logitech, a Streetsense engagement client. At CES 2019 the largest consumer electronics convention in the U.S., Timmy Ham outlined a signature @iamsloth-style mural and invited attendees to use their creative skills and fill in the mural. Not only was the “Instagrammable” activation a success, but the numbers speak for themselves – with Logitech earning 95,000 likes and roughly 2,000 comments on its owned channels — and proved that great partnerships can benefit both influencers and brands.


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