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DC’s first tech-enabled cold-pressed juice brand and the creator of a new herbal “farmacy” concept called Apothékary, Jrink offers personalized, healthful solutions for busy people on the go. The company mission is to empower local residents to live their best lives with the help of nature’s secrets — sans additives or preservatives. Last month, Jrink founder and CEO Shizu Okusa visited Streetsense to share her insights into the world of entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and plant-based elixirs.

A Different Kind of Green

While working at the World Bank in DC, Okusa noticed that busy professionals were compromising their well-being for the sake of productivity in the workplace more often than not. Seeking a natural solution that would promote health and wellness, Okusa landed on the idea of an online subscription service for cold-pressed juices and smoothies. Appealing to well-informed consumers looking for both the next best thing and the maximum return on their investments, Jrink has grown to 7 store-within-a-store locations since launching in 2014. Okusa’s newest concept, Apothékary, represents a natural expansion into preventative medicine and self-care.

From Pepto-Bismol to Collagen Peptides

Jrink’s new “witchy sister,” Apothékary shares a space with Epic Yoga in Dupont Circle and focuses on holistic, Ayurvedic practices. The store’s shelves are lined with herbs, spices, tea blends, tonics, crystals, and more. “After too many ‘quick fixes’ like Aspirin and Nyquil, we are ready to help customers find heathier substitutes,” says Okusa. The “farmacy-style’” store is devoted to helping customers discover new, natural ways to create a balanced lifestyle.

Connecting Through Kale and Crystals

Taking the place of coffee shops and drug stores in the age of mindfulness and clean eating, Jrink and Apothékary are establishing themselves as pioneers in the DC market and beyond. Jrink’s evolving and expanding position in the community has led Okusa to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs through events. Partnering with other DC startups, like recharj, Ivy Wild, Sweet Crimes, and Honey Flower, allows Okusa to reach new audiences and deliver healthful solutions to the broader wellness community.


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