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Connecting with renters through education and humor as social media agency of record

Check out this content >> tapped Streetsense as the social media agency of record to help make the brand synonymous with renting, to generate on-channel engagements, and to drive users to the website.  


Streetsense managed an integrated social media strategy across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and launched the brand on TikTok, sharing renter-friendly educational tips and tricks, tapping into daily trending content and seasonal trends, and serving as a resource for lifestyle content that keeps renters engaged, even when they’re not looking for an apartment. 

Brad Bellflower & Beyond/

brad bellflower
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Brad Bellflower & Beyond/

The Twitter was converted to the personal channel for spokesperson Brad Bellflower, Inventor of the Apartminternet (as portrayed by Jeff Goldblum), and allowed the brand to replicate the quirky sense of humor from their broadcast commercials to communicate directly with renters on the conversational platform. Pinterest was restructured as an SEO tool to drive users back to the Renterverse blog on the site. Complementing our content strategy was an informed social media advertising strategy, inclusive of promoted posts, follower campaigns, and website traffic campaigns.   


Our team leveraged influencers with focuses on décor and DIY, plants, pets and other lifestyle themes to reach new audiences and grow our social media following and activated them both on an ongoing basis and during campaigns.   


Throughout our partnership with, we’ve ideated and executed a series of signature campaigns inclusive of philanthropic partnerships and giveaways which boosted brand reputation and consumer sentiment.

Paws for a Cause/

  • 98%

    TikTok followers increase

  • 70%

    engagement rate increase

  • ~6K

    sweepstakes entries

We launched a month-long campaign leading up to National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day where we partnered with The Petfinder Foundation and various influencers to share educational and entertaining content related to renting with pets. The campaign culminated in a donation to The Petfinder Foundation and a social media giveaway, and ultimately generated a 98% increase in TikTok followers, 70% increase in engagement rate across all channels, and 5,852 sweepstakes entries.  

Paws for a Cause/

paws for a cause
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Clean 'Sweep'stakes/

clean sweep stakes graphic
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Clean 'Sweep'stakes/

  • 3K+

    new followers (one week)

  • ~6K

    sweepstakes entries

Capitalizing on consumer interest for organization and tidiness, we partnered with celebrity home organization expert RíOrganize to giveaway one in-home consultation and organization service. The sweepstakes launched before back-to-school, coinciding with renters’ natural habits of preparing for the start of a new season and featured DIY hacks and tips from other influencers and blogs, a dedicated landing page, and dark posts to generate overall awareness. We gained 3,261 new followers in one week and garnered 5,954 sweepstakes entries.

Sleigh It Forward/

  • ~8K

    new followers (one week)

  • ~19K

    giveaway entries

Recognizing that inflation and tighter budgets were top-of-mind for many consumers during the holiday season, the Sleigh It Forward campaign gave renters the chance to win $2,000 to help with holiday expenses and then ‘sleigh’ it forward by selecting a family member or friend to also win $2,000. The response to our seasonal and empathetic message was extremely positive and hopeful, with social media users celebrating generosity.

Sleigh It Forward/

sleigh it forward graphic
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  • 76%

    increase in followers YoY

  • 79%

    increase CTR YoY

  • 48%

    increase web sessions (from social) YoY

  • 39%

    increase in web users (from social) YoY

Our ongoing social media strategy and management has consistently met client goals and grown their audience.


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