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Southern Land Company

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A new brand that signals continuing evolution as a nationally renowned leader in real estate development & design

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As Southern Land Company expanded nationwide, they tasked Streetsense with conducting a refreshed brand image to reflect the company’s growth, strong fundamentals including their mission and values, and in-house offerings.  


In order to conduct a refreshed brand image that better aligned with Southern Land Company’s current identity while honoring its history and core values, the Streetsense team conducted deep research that included: a digital review of current brand sentiment and digital footprint, stakeholder interviews, an online survey to measure employee perception and sentiments, a competitive audit to determine market opportunity, as well as audience insight reporting that determined value propositions for each segment.  


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Streetsense then established a brand foundation and creative platform to inform all future branding and marketing collateral, developed new brand architecture system that repositions the company as a national presence (instead of just southern), refreshed the logo that modernized the Southern Land Company and differentiated it from competition, defined the external-facing visual identity and messaging, and launched new audiences in both the B2B and B2C spaces. 


We helped the client achieve a fully refreshed brand more in-line with Southern Land Company’s current identity, but true to its origin, with best-in-class visual identity, new and defined audiences, and key competitive differentiators.


In the one-month period after the site launch, it acquired over 13,000 visits, over 10,000 of which were new users—a KPI for the brand. Compared with a similar period of time with the old site, the new site has seen a 7% increase in overall sessions and a 4% increase in new users, showing that the refreshed brand is reaching new audiences while maintaining engagement with existing followers. 


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