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Streetsense Weighs In On What’s In And Out

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by The Streetsense Collective

Although we’re a little bit late to the party, the people at Streetsense wanted to take a look back at 2022 and a look ahead at 2023—but from the unique perspectives of our multidisciplinary teams. From Interior Architecture to Hospitality, to Public Non-Profit Solutions to Research & Analysis, you can see there are some common threads in the responses that emphasize artfulness, togetherness, and expression. So read on for all the trends because we’re thrilled to report that high-ball cocktails with obvious names are in, and that caviar (and listicles such as this one) are out

Enjoy this perspective from the placeshapers, brandbuilders, and storytellers who make Streetsense special:

From the Interior Architecture Team
In: Gathering around fires
Out: Fake fireplaces


In: Amsterdam school expressionism
Out: Art deco


In: Restaurants with live music
Out: Restaurants with curated playlists

In: Fruit bowls
Out: Foods on boards

In: Uplighting
Out: Downlighting


In: Candelabras
Out: Scented candles

In: Reservation books
Out: Reservation apps


In: Specials on the chalkboard
Out: QR codes


In: Mushrooms
Out: Caviar


In: Word of mouth
Out: Algorithms


From the Hospitality Team
In: Martinis & pizza
Out: Martinis & caviar


In: Magazine-style menus
Out: QR codes


In: Old-School highballs with obvious names (Whiskey & Soda)
Out: House cocktails with stupid names


In: Candles
Out: Interior neon signs


In: High-end jello shots
​​Out: Espresso martinis


From the Brand Team
In: Strong, personal POVs
Out: Microtrends


In: Shapes (IYKYK)
Out: Streetsense yellow


In: Investing in sustainable quality
Out: Luxury for luxury’s sake


Always In: Supporting local artists
Out: Calling AI art


From the Marketing Team
In: Astrology memes
Out: “In” and “out” new year listicles 


In: Dry-ish January
Out: Negroni… sbagliato… with prosecco in it


In: Emerging social media platforms
Out: Bots and blue check marks


From the Research & Analysis Team 
​​In: Storytelling
Out: Data dump


From the Public Non-Profit Solutions Team

In: Downtown Social Districts
Out: Downtown Business Districts


In: Micromobility (e-bikes and e-scooters)
Out: Driving everywhere


In: Common sense rules and regulations for outdoor dining
Out: Outdoor dining free-for-all


In: Flex space or residential on the ground floor
Out: Zoning requirements for retail on the ground floor of every downtown building


In: On-line shopping with in-store pick up (to do more shopping!)
Out: On-line shopping with home delivery


In: Residential conversions of office buildings in office-centric downtowns
Out: Office buildings. Also, office-centric downtowns


From the Place Strategy Team
In: Not doing in-out lists
Out: Doing in-out lists (whoops!)


You’re in!

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