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Today, we’re launching our first-ever California trend report — a go-to guide for Californians during COVID-19, brought to you by Streetsense LA. In it, we cover all the ways Los Angelenos are hanging in during quarantine, between takeout and delivery innovations, snackable content, and more. Streetsense’s LA team lives and works at the intersection of design, culture, and technology. Based in Culver City, our team comes from each of LA’s vibrant neighborhoods bringing an eclectic point of view to each assignment.

On March 20th, Governor Gavin Newsom ordered California residents to stay at home in order to combat the spread of COVID-19, making California the first state in the nation to enact such a policy. Since then, most of the country has followed suit, imposing measures designed to stop travel and enforce social distancing. The lockdown has had a significant impact on businesses large and small, from radical changes in work environments to mass layoffs. Those who can have transitioned to working from home, while essential workers now take extraordinary safety precautions as they serve on the front lines. For Californians, this new way of life has been a difficult adjustment. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti had to announce the closure of all Los Angeles parks, as Angelenos continued to congregate at beaches and hiking trails, enjoying the outdoors despite stay-at-home orders.

While these stay-at-home restrictions have severely impacted commerce, Californians are creatively looking for ways to adapt and make the best of these unprecedented times. As a result, many brands and businesses reliant on in-person transactions have found innovative ways to pivot their business models. Those that have been able to remain open are poised to secure their place in the market when this global pandemic subsides.

What’s happening in California and across the nation highlights new possibilities in hospitality, food and beverage, and wellness and experience design that will extend beyond today’s environment. Our team in Los Angeles has highlighted a few ways we can support our local business, keep our family and friends entertained, and maintain our sanity during this difficult time. We encourage you to support your local businesses and share our tips and trends with family and friends.



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