Take Care: The Making of a Beloved Lifestyle Shop

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Take Care is a natural lifestyle and skincare shop — an Instagram lover’s dream in scenic Georgetown DC. Founder Becky Waddell shared her small business story with Streetsense, giving us the inside scoop on the brand’s brick-and-mortar evolution and her favorite moments along the way.

On the origin story:
Upon earning an advanced degree in environmental policy, Becky began a career in nuclear waste policy in Oregon, but when she moved to DC, she soon realized that the federal policy path wouldn’t fully satisfy her. Pairing her longtime love of plant-based beauty and identifying a need in the marketplace, she started Be Clean, a small shop (120 square feet on the third floor of a century-old building!) that carried high-end, natural skincare products. What began as a side hustle quickly evolved — three years into the operation, Becky took what she learned from her clients and created a more holistic space — and that’s how Take Care was born.

On the concept: Becky sees Take Care as the full realization of the Be Clean brand, which features plant-based and intentionally crafted skincare and beauty goods. Beyond skincare, the space encapsulates a broader definition of wellness, bringing together a collection of products and playing host to interactive community events.

On the design: Seeking to combat customers’ high stress levels and the many demands placed on their personal lives, Becky created a space where people can dedicate time for themselves. She worked closely with designer Veronica Revilla to create a beautiful, functional, and welcoming environment that delivered the restorative experience she had in mind. Becky looked at twenty different flooring options before taking her pick, and she dreamed up a custom central sink where customers can experience the products firsthand while getting their social media fix.

On community connections: Becky hosts DIY classes at least once a month and prioritizes programming with like-minded brands — from book signings with female foodie platform Pineapple Collaborative to live makeup tutorials by RMS Beauty to coffee tastings with Peregrine.

On lessons learned: “Things never move as quickly as you think they will,” Becky said. She scouted store locations for a year before selecting a space and experienced design delays as she worked to perfect it. Despite having to adjust her expectations, she’s thrilled with the final result — “an invitation to come in, relax, and experience things that support you in your emotional and physical needs.”


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