The Death of Decision Fatigue

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Decision fatigue — the inability to make sound decisions after an extended period of decision making — explains why so many of us struggle to pick a restaurant for dinner, assemble the next day’s outfit, or even what TV show to binge after a long day. Luckily, retailers worldwide are providing a helping hand in the decision-making process using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create in-store activations that capture foot traffic, encourage customers to linger, and custom-curate the best products for shoppers who are experiencing decision fatigue.

As the world becomes increasingly personalized, consumers can’t help but be drawn to a product that’s hand-picked especially for them. Japanese retailer Uniqlo partnered with Melbourne University neuroscience researchers to create an interactive in-store activation that matches shoppers with graphic tees that suit their mood. Science, technology, and fashion intersect in Uniqlo’s UMOOD activation as screens show shoppers a series of image and video stimuli while neuro-headsets gauge their brains’ response in terms of interest, stress, and concentration — then an algorithm determines their current mood and cherry-picks a tee-shirt to match.

Nike’s new tech aims to fix the fact that three out of five people are likely wearing the wrong shoe size. In-store Nike Fit mats connect with Nike app technology to scan shoppers’ feet and gather data points that map the foot’s morphology to recommend the perfect-fitting shoe.

Sephora’s in-store tech activations seek to solve the common problems their shoppers have. Sephora’s Color IQ scans customers’ skin to find scientifically precise foundation, concealer, and lip shade matches. Shoppers can find the perfect fragrance without getting a headache with Sephora’s Fragrance Finder, an in-store and online algorithm that deciphers customers’ preferences into custom perfume and cologne choices.


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