Streetsense, LISC, Uber, and Visa Unveil a Powerful Set of Tools to Support Diverse, Small Restaurateurs

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by Larisa Ortiz,
Managing Director,
Public Non-Profit Solutions

Small businesses were particularly hard hit during the pandemic. Successful businesses demonstrated tremendous flexibility and innovation during that time. Coming out of the pandemic, these qualities remain critical to success.


Streetsense is proud to have partnered with Uber Eats, Visa, and the Local Initiative Support Corporation to develop the Restaurant Toolkit: Food & Beverage Playbook that offers restaurateurs valuable and practical tips for tackling the wide range of situations they come across, especially in the post-pandemic climate. This toolkit, available free of charge on LISC’s website, covers a variety of topics that businesses will find incredibly useful, from identifying and pursuing alternative revenue streams to physical space adjustments to menu engineering and tech and mobile solutions, this easy to read and digest guide is chock full of good examples and resource for small businesses. Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, Business Improvement Districts, Economic Development Agencies, and more are welcome to share this guide with their members and businesses.


Streetsense’ work with LISC did not end with the toolkit, our Eat & Drink team developed a series of webinars, also available free of charge on the following topics.

Profitability + Popularity: How Menu Engineering Can Increase Sales, Productivity and So Much More

Finding Additional Revenue: How Small Changes Can Lead to Big Gains


For more information on how we can work together, contact us by clicking here: Work Together – Streetsense


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