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Client Spotlight: Earth Day

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by The Streetsense Collective

In honor of Earth Day today, we’re highlighting our clients who are doing good by the earth—not just today, but all year long. Learn about our clients and partners who are shaking up norms to create sustainable practices.


Logitech: Leaving a Lasting Impact

Whether they’re designing for sustainability, clearly labeling all products to show carbon impacts, or ensuring their operations and entire product portfolio are carbon neutral, Logitech is defying the logic of the past to create a climate positive world. Check out Logitech’s Trade-In Program that offers a way to dispose of your electronic equipment responsibly by reusing or recycling qualifying devices, with the added bonus of earning money back on qualifying devices.


Little Sesame: Single Source

Little Sesame is committed to serving food that’s good for you—and good for the planet. At the heart of everything: chickpeas, which they proudly single source from a fifth-generation Montana farmer by the name of Casey Bailey, who has turned his land back to organic while pioneering new ways to grow regeneratively. Rather than over-tilling the land and using chemicals to make the soil sustainable for new growth seasons, Casey invests in the soil year-after-year with rotations of crops that work together to create a healthy ecosystem.


The Wren: Recycled Writing

The Wren is a luxury apartment building in Washington DC’s Shaw neighborhood that boasts thoughtful, lush details at every touchpoint. Not only does the building have a green roof with solar panels, The Wren’s brochures were printed on eco-friendly paper made from recycled blue jeans and white cotton t-shirts.


Tupelo Honey Cafe: Building a Better Food System

Tupelo Honey Cafe provides clean, thoughtfully-sourced, and local ingredients as much as possible on their menus. The restaurant chain that serves up scratch-made Southern faves ensures that animals are treated kindly and humanely, produce is harvested in-season, and that partners are considerate of the footprint they’re leaving behind.


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