Dover Seeks A ‘Collective’ Vision Of Capital City’s Future (Delaware State News)

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DOVER — There are several groups in Dover with a variety of ideas on how to improve not only the vibe and business atmosphere in the downtown area, but the entire city overall.
Basically, there’s plenty of input — but not one collective vision.

That’s why executives from Streetsense’s Vibrant Destination Program chose to make a presentation in front of several of Dover’s civic leaders, business owners and other interested parties at the Dover Public Library on Thursday morning.

Streetsense, a Washington, D.C., marketing firm which has successfully worked with Kent County Tourism over the past couple of years, said it could help corral all the group’s ideas — as well as the city’s Comprehensive Plan that it is working on this year — and help create a future vision that would reinvigorate Dover and make residents proud of their town.

Ralph Thompson, executive director of travel and tourism for Streetsense, said his firm has many layers and is not just about being a “branding” campaign.

“It’s not an advertising agency, it’s not a consultancy, really it’s a combination of all that,” Mr. Thompson said. “It’s a collective and it’s an experience-focused consultancy which is focused on building brands that people love and places people love to be.”

He said Dover could very well be one of those places where people love to be in the future.

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