How Social Media Boosts Multifamily Marketing Efforts

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Social media is no longer a nice-to-have in property marketing — it’s a must-have. Aside from the fact that almost every property has a social media presence, embracing social media is a key component of integrated marketing plans. With strategic use, social media boosts multifamily marketing efforts and supports business goals.

Put Yourself Out There

Social media is one of the strongest awareness builders in today’s integrated marketing plans. There is a myriad of ways to increase reach and awareness through social media — including sponsored posts, branded hashtags, influencer marketing, and location tags. With stunning interiors designed by Streetsense, H Street’s The Apollo makes for perfect Instagram fodder that has garnered thousands of location-tagged photos on Instagram.

Let’s Get Information

Deciding to sign a lease in a multifamily building is a long-term decision. Social media gives potential residents a taste of what it’s like to live in an environment by providing a glimpse of the building’s amenities, employees, and residents. 1331 Maryland, a Streetsense engagement client, showcases the luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle of the residential building through carefully-curated social media feeds. Properties that leverage user-generated content like our client Rivet Apartments let residents tell the story of the building, neighborhood, and local events through first-hand experiences. As not all content can live on a property’s website, social media serves as a powerful research tool, providing extra granular information like community programming activities and leasing specials that help guide the decision-making process for potential residents. While social media should not be positioned as the primary lead generation tool in a marketing plan, it should be positioned as the consistency tool that gives properties an opportunity to promote events, provide updates, and boast about amenities.

Now We’re Talking

While consumers may not discover a property or brand through social media, once introduced, social media becomes a powerful communication tool that allows for a two-way dialogue to take place. Social media helps inform the selection process through authentic dialogues with audiences and starting conversations with users through comments and messages creates a feedback loop for potential and existing residents alike.


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